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cv (with links to papers)

I am a Research Scientist at the  Department of Biostatistics University of California, Los Angeles, USA. I am also affiliated to California Center for Population Research.   

I am interested in health inequality in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC): its socioeconomic and political determinants; its measurement; and on developing tools  to reduce these inequaties. Current work includes: the effect of a randomize anti-corruption on child health in Brazil; heterogeneous effect of democratization on child mortality; measurement of inequality in LMIC  within and between socioeconomic groups; development of new methods to study inequality in mortality; extension of decomposition methods to Bayesian hierarchical models; and application of machine learning methods to improve program targeting in Sub-Saharan Africa and Brazil. 

I have a PhD in Political Science, a MS in statistics and postdoctoral training in Public Health and Biostatistics. I am a recipient of the K99/R00 path to independence award.  My research has been founded by several sources, including NICHD, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, Getúlio Vargas Foundation and Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology. And it has been published in several major journals, including Social Science and Medicine, PlosOne and Population Health Metrics.